Unattended Digital/CD Mastering

1-3 tracks:  £40 per track

4-7 tracks: £35 per track

8+ tracks:  £30 per track

The above prices include one revision if needed.   If, after mastering, you supply a new pre-master to achieve the desired result, this is chargeable at the original rate.


Apple Digital Masters (previously known as MFiT)

If required in addition to the above: £10 per release for 4 or less tracks.  £25 for >4 tracks


DDP Image File Creation

DDP image file as a DVD or uploaded for transfer to your pressing plant: £20

This price is for a standard DDP file with 2 second gaps.  Any additional editing is charged at the studio hourly rate.


Stem Mastering

5 Stems or less per track:  £70

Each additional stem: £10


Track Mixing

Price on Application - please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  Mastering is charged in addition to this.


Studio Time

For all projects that fall outside of the services listed above:  £90 per hour.


Bulk Orders

Deals on mixing and mastering albums can be arranged, with discounts for larger volumes of work. Please get in touch to discuss your project.